Compact Size, Maximal Utility: MicroSnatoms were created for more compact use, smaller spaces and allow the building of longer molecules.

About one third of the size of regular Snatoms, MicroSnatoms is the "compact yet mighty" version. However don't let the name fool you: while the individual elements are smaller in size, the MicroSnatoms kit contains the largest number of atoms.

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Snatoms MicroSnatoms Magnetic Molecular STEM Kit by Veritasium

Comprehensive Kit - 12 carbon, 12 oxygen, 26 hydrogen, 4 nitrogen, 2 sulfur, 2 phosphorus, and 4 chlorine atoms, plus 6 double bonds or 4 triple bonds

Interactive Learning Tool -Snatoms Molecular Modeling Kit provides an engaging, hands-on way to visualize and understand atomic structure, molecular bonding, and chemical reactions, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Innovative Design - The unique magnetic interlocking system mimics the nature of chemical bonds, offering a dynamic and intuitive approach to learning complex scientific concepts.

High-Quality & Durable - Designed for longevity, Snatoms features durable components that ensure your molecular structures hold together securely, making it safe and sturdy for both kids and adults.

Versatile Use - Perfect for homeschooling, classroom instruction, group activities, or self-learning at home, as a christmas or birthday gift, Snatoms is an excellent tool for students, teachers, hobbyists, or professional chemists.

Bigger molecules and 100s of configurations awaiting exploration with MicroSnatoms.

The idea with Snatoms is simple - to make the best hands-on molecular modeling kit.

Snatoms are an improvement over traditional ball and stick models for three reasons:

1. They make forming and breaking apart molecules a snap

2. The models are a better representation of what molecules actually look like, and

3. You can feel the attraction between atoms

*This kit is not recommended for kids under the age of 14 due to small parts which are a choking hazard for younger children. 

Not sure which Snatoms kit is right for you? 

Watch the video below to learn more about Micro Snatoms and Snatoms X. 

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