Experience science with Snatoms by Veritasium

Quick and easy
Atoms in the Snatoms kit snap together magnetically. Makes forming and breaking apart models a snap!
Helps understanding
Resulting models are a better representation of what a molecule actually looks like, clearing up common misconceptions.
More natural
Molecules created with Snatoms look and behave more like real molecules: showing bonds as overlapping electron orbitals.

All About Snatoms

Snatoms is an innovative, magnetic molecular modeling kit conceived by Derek Muller, creator of the beloved science YouTube channel, Veritasium. Launched successfully in 2016, Snatoms has become a favourite educational tool for teachers, parents, and students alike, simplifying complex scientific concepts.
The idea with Snatoms is simple: to make the best hands on molecular modeling kit.



About one third of the size of regular Snatoms, MicroSnatoms is the "compact yet mighty" version.

MicroSnatoms were created for more compact use, smaller spaces and allow the building of longer molecules.

Contains 62 atoms and 10 bonds.


The Original Snatoms with stronger magnetic bonding

SnatomsX are highly visual and engaging to use. They are easy to handle and allow for fast and interactive building and breaking apart of molecules.

Contains 50 atoms plus bonds.

100s of molecules possible

Make glucose, and much more

More atoms included!
An awesome educational tool

Making science learning intuitive, interactive, and fun

Using Snatoms, you can physically model and explore complex molecular structures, allowing people of all ages to learn chemistry hands on.
Over 10.000 happy teachers and students

What people say about Snatoms

Find out how Snatoms improve learning
Intuitive Design
The unique magnetic connection system visualizes how atoms bond together.
Interactive Learning
The ability to easily build molecules encourages critical thinking and problem-solving.
High-Quality Materials
Snatoms are durable and safe for kids and adults, making building molecules engaging and fun.
Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal for both beginners and experts in chemistry, Snatoms are a great way to introduce molecular chemistry to students of all ages.

Perfect for homeschooling, classroom instruction, group activities, or self-learning at home, Snatoms is an excellent tool for students, teachers, hobbyists, or professional chemists.

Snatoms X (regular sized) were the original Snatoms created. The smaller MicroSnatoms were an extension, created for more compact use, smaller spaces and allow the building of bigger molecules. MicroSnatoms are about one third of the size of the regular Snatoms. MicroSnatoms kits contain many small parts so they are not appropriate for children to play with under the age of 14.

Our products containt over 50 individual pieces, enabling you to model a wide variety of molecular structures from basic to complex.

Snatoms are made from durable ABS plastic and are ultrasonically welded together. That means you should be able to throw them around without damaging them. Snatoms do contain small, powerful rare earth magnets which, if ingested, could cause serious injury. Therefore we recommend that Snatoms be used under appropriate adult supervision. If a Snatom breaks open, the pieces and magnets should be disposed of immediately. MicroSnatoms kits contain many small parts so they are not appropriate for use by children under the age of 14.

All the atoms snap together magnetically. The magnets allow you to feel the energy that is needed to make a bond. Equally, when breaking bonds, you hear the energy released when a bond breaks.

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