Snatoms Expansion Kit

Snatoms Expansion Kit

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PRESALE ONLY! Your Expansion Kit will ship late November or early December. We cannot guarantee holiday delivery.

New and improved, the Expansion Kit is back with all-new atoms and a plastic carrying case. 

Really want to make some molecules?! The new expansion kit includes 26 Hydrogen, 12 Carbon, 6 Oxygen, 4 Nitrogen, 2 2-sided Sulfur, 2 6-sided Sulfur, 2 3-sided Phosphorus, 2 5-sided Phosphorus, 2 Bromine, 2 Chlorine, 2 Alkali Metal, and 12 Double/Triple Bonds This is our best value Snatoms kit.

International Customers: We'll do our best to make sure your Snatoms get to you as quickly as possible, but shipment outside of the United States can sometimes take a month or more. Please reach out to if concerned about the status of your shipment.